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Experienced in product design, art direction, visual design, and web development. Committed to accessibility, inclusivity, and brand excellence. Passionate about mentoring and giving back to the design community.

I'm David Moore, an Art Director/Product Designer based in the vibrant city of San Francisco, CA. From the early stages of my design journey, there was never any doubt about what I wanted to pursue in my career. I have a deep passion for the challenge of crafting interactive experiences that captivate and engage users.Throughout my career, I've been fortunate enough to work with both domestic and international brands, exploring various mediums such as film, event openers, projection mapping, and, of course, digital products. Design, to me, goes beyond being an art form.

It is a collaborative process that blends creativity, strategic planning, and psychology to encourage human interaction and evoke emotions through design.My focus is on creating engaging experiences that can transform the way people feel by simply observing. I started my career as an Art Director for agencies, working on remarkable events like Adobe MAX, Jiveworld, and Castlight Health. It was through these experiences that I was exposed to cutting-edge technology long before it reached the consumer market. This early exposure laid a strong foundation for crafting experiences with new mediums.

After several years of agency partnerships, I felt compelled to transition into the tech sector. I wanted to work on projects that truly made a lasting impact. This led me to join Zoosk, where I contributed to helping over 41 million members find love through innovative and intuitive design. As a creative professional, I am genuinely passionate about crafting digital experiences that make a difference in people's lives. My background as an Art Director in experiential agencies has shaped my "big picture first" mindset in product design. I approach creative challenges by evaluating the broader context before diving into exploration.

In addition to my design work, mentorship has been a significant focus for me. I believe in giving back to the community by sharing knowledge and experiences. Whether it's organizing field trips to local VR studios or working with organizations like CascadeSF, mentoring the next generation of creatives has been an enriching experience. I have also had the pleasure of hiring exceptional mentees for various projects, gaining fresh perspectives and learning from their unique ideas.

For me, design is not only a profession but an act of service that propels a community forward. I am dedicated to pushing boundaries, creating meaningful connections, and leaving a positive impact through my work.Thank you for taking the time to explore my portfolio. Let's connect and collaborate on transforming ideas into remarkable experiences together.
Staff Product Designer - Included Health - 2019- Present
Brand Experience Lead / Staff Designer - Zoosk - 2016-2019
Senior Product / Visual Designer - Zoosk - 2015- 2016
Sr. Designer/ Art Director - KenwoodX - 2011-2015
Sr. Marketing Creative - EMI- 2009-2014
Founder - Damgoodwork- 2006 - Present
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Ex Gold Award- 2015
Ex Gold Award- 2011
Complex best booth award - Second Place
Complex best booth award - Fifth place
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