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Zoosk is a ten-year-old company that started as a Facebook game which acted as the first dating app on the platform. Over the years, the app grew to reside on IOS, Android, and the web. Fast-forwarding to 2019, the company focused on growth and had accrued debt facing the design. For example, over 1000 color values were used throughout the platform and 25 different styled buttons on iOS alone.

Many buttons had very slight inconsistencies leading to more and more custom styles and custom code. I was tasked with working with the design and development team to build a modern yet manageable design system to move the brand forward.

A call to arms!

The first task I took was managing a full audit of our color system and platform for all clients. I also documented the user flows and states for each experience. While the process was extensive, the exercises would prove invaluable as we began to hone in on which elements to keep and which needed an upgrade.

From there, we locked in on a consistent font ramp and a grid system. The updated system is still in its infancy but has already proved extremely helpful as we began to rebuild our internal store and our marketing materials. As a result, we moved from concept design to completion much faster.

Zoosk product audit example
Zoosk still supports the Iphone SE so our system must be flexible enough to accommodate
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