DEEP SILVER | Art Direction

Two of the hottest booths at PAX...made out of foam


Art Director


Storyland Studios
Deep Silver


Deep Silver develops interactive games for all platforms. The Deep Silver label aims to captivate all gamers who have a passion for state-of-the-art gameplay in exciting game worlds. The Challenge was that the company found it challenging to build a striking AAA booth for both titles due to a limited budget. This was key to the company having a significant presence at PAX.

My original sketch of the proposed booth

Bringing the titles to life.

I set out to find a vendor that could help the company meet its goals of establishing a presence at PAX and stay well within the budget scope. This challenge led me to a company called Storyland Studios. They specialized in building realistic structures entirely out of foam and other recyclable materials.

Pulling inspiration from Deeps Silver’s titles, I came up with an illustration of what the structure could be. Tweetable photo ops, Zombies, and crashed vehicles acted as the main attraction while hiding two large theaters within the structure. This win ultimately catalyzed a long-lasting relationship with the Deep Silver brand and was recognized by Complex magazine for having two of the top 15 best booths at PAX ( #2 and #5).

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