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Designing a Unique User Experience for 40 Million Singles


Zoosk, a dating app catering to nearly 41 million users worldwide, was in need of a significant upgrade to meet the demands of their growing and demanding user base. The profile experience hadn't been optimized for approximately seven years, presenting a challenge that required immediate attention. This case study highlights the approach taken to address these challenges and presents the results obtained through the profile redesign initiative.


To tackle the profile redesign challenge and cater to Zoosk's broad demographic, the following approach was undertaken:

  1. Defining Goals: A wishlist of features for the redesign was initially considered but was quickly recognized as suboptimal. Instead, a collaborative process involving stakeholders aimed to celebrate the uniqueness of each user and foster better connections. Discussions revolved around what makes a compelling dating profile and what motivates users to engage with others.
  2. Gathering Inspiration: Looking beyond the dating space, research and exploration involved examining competitors and companies from various industries to gather inspiration for innovative design solutions. Several rounds of iteration and discussions with stakeholders were conducted to refine the ideas before presenting the minimum viable product (MVP) pitch.
  3. User Testing and Feedback: Once the MVP was approved, mockups were tested with users to gather feedback and ensure the concept resonated with the target audience. The insights gained from user testing informed the development process, leading to the implementation of the redesigned profile experience.

Results and Conclusion

The profile redesign initiative led to significant improvements in user engagement and satisfaction. The following outcomes were observed:

  1. Increased Interactions and User Engagement: Following the launch of the redesigned profile experience, we observed a noteworthy increase in user interactions, add-on purchases, and subscriptions. The enhanced design successfully engaged users and encouraged them to focus on the main profile screen.
  2. Positive Feedback and Optimization: Initial feedback varied among clients, providing valuable insights for continued optimization. Tracking trends for six months revealed consistent growth in profile views and interactions. Through further optimization efforts, we experienced a substantial increase in profile interactions and message initiations.
  3. Successful Rollout and Continued Initiatives: The positive trend and improved metrics allowed for an easy rollout of the profile update across all platforms. The redesigned profile served as a foundation for Zoosk's broader product overhaul, setting the stage for subsequent initiatives. A presentation at SF Design Week provided an opportunity to share the challenges, solutions, and exciting findings of the project with external members of the design community.

In conclusion, our profile redesign initiative presented a significant risk but ultimately yielded rewarding results. The comprehensive approach, involving user-centered design, stakeholder collaboration, and iterative testing, led to a successful redesign that increased user engagement and satisfaction.

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