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Using Ai to Improve Connections online and IRL with Quick Hello


This case study highlights Zoosk's initiative to address the challenge of low conversation initiation and response rates among its users. Recognizing the importance of messaging in online dating apps, Zoosk aimed to develop a tool that would facilitate more meaningful connections at a faster pace. To ensure the relevance of the challenge, internal and external surveys were conducted, confirming messaging as a critical point of friction. This case study outlines the approach taken to tackle the issue and presents the results obtained from implementing the "Quick hello (QH)" experiment.


To address the messaging challenges faced by users and enhance connections, I followed the following approach:

  1. User Research: Internal and external surveys were conducted to understand the difficulties users faced when initiating conversations on dating apps, particularly within the Zoosk platform. This research confirmed that messaging was a significant pain point for users.
  2. Auditing Messaging Patterns: I worked with the research team to analyze the messaging behavior of its users, particularly focusing on male users who often sent one-word or multi-paragraph messages that yielded low response rates. The analysis revealed a lack of personalization and failed to reflect that the sender had viewed the recipient's profile.
  3. Development of "Quick hello (QH)": Zoosk developed an AI system that leveraged user profiles and inputted information to provide unique and relevant message options. Unlike traditional canned "hellos" used by other companies, the QH feature aimed to avoid appearing cold and robotic, offering personalized conversation starters.
  4. Testing and Iteration: We then implemented the QH feature to a small segment of our user base and conducted extensive testing over several months. User engagement and feedback were closely monitored to evaluate the effectiveness and user perception of the new messaging approach.

Results and Conclusion

The implementation of the QH feature yielded promising results and enhanced user connections on the platform. The following outcomes were observed:

  1. Increased User Engagement: Users actively engaged with the message options provided by the QH feature. Feedback from users indicated that they found value in these cues, even applying them to real-life conversations. Users who previously struggled with initiating conversations reported using QH as a starting point, while others found inspiration for crafting their own personalized messages.
  2. Positive User Feedback: The feedback received from users highlighted the effectiveness and relevance of the personalized message options. The QH feature addressed the pain points of initiating conversations and resulted in a more positive user experience.

In conclusion, our initiative to enhance user connections through personalized messaging proved successful. The idea of leveraging user profiles and AI technology to provide unique and relevant message options enabled users to create richer connections at a faster pace. The positive user feedback and increased engagement demonstrated the value of personalized messaging in facilitating meaningful connections. Zoosk's commitment to improving user experiences led to a significant enhancement in the messaging process and ultimately contributed to a more positive and successful online dating experience in the app and in person.

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