Transforming Zoosk's Brand and Digital Presence


Zoosk, a leading online dating company, aimed to mature its brand and enhance user experience. The goal was to redesign its web presence and external branding to resonate more deeply with users and support the company’s growth. Zoosk had not reviewed its overall web presence in almost 8 years, presenting a significant uphill battle in modernizing and revitalizing its digital identity.


  • Evolving the Zoosk brand to become more mature and beloved
  • Overhauling the website and homepage to reflect the new brand identity
  • Creating cohesive and engaging marketing collateral for various platforms
  • Ensuring smooth development and successful launch of the new design
  • Streamlining the system for managing numerous landing pages


  1. Strategic Redesign:
    • Spearheaded the design of a new web presence, employing a cutting-edge UX/UI theory developed in-house.
    • Managed the end-to-end development process, from initial concept to final launch, ensuring alignment with the refreshed brand identity.
  2. Integrated Marketing Collateral:
    • Designed and produced a comprehensive suite of marketing materials, including banner ads, Facebook carousel creatives, and landing pages for third-party vendors.
    • Maintained brand consistency across all channels, reinforcing Zoosk’s new identity.
  3. Technical Collaboration and Optimization:
    • Partnered with engineering teams to debug and enhance the system for creating and maintaining a large number of landing pages.
    • Implemented a scalable and efficient solution to support ongoing marketing efforts and improve operational efficiency.

Results and Conclusion


  • Brand Transformation:
    • Successfully evolved Zoosk’s brand, garnering positive user feedback and increasing user engagement.
  • Significant Performance Improvement:
    • Achieved a 15% increase in conversion rates within the first two weeks following the redesign, highlighting the effectiveness of the new web presence and marketing strategies.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency:
    • Developed a robust system for managing landing pages, streamlining processes, and supporting scalable growth.

This project not only modernized Zoosk’s web presence and strengthened its brand identity but also delivered substantial improvements in user engagement and operational efficiency. The strategic redesign and optimization efforts resulted in a more streamlined and effective digital experience, setting a strong foundation for Zoosk’s continued growth and success.

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