How Foam Sculptures Stole the Show at PAX


Deep Silver had a challenge. Build impressive AAA booths for their titles Dead Island and Sacred 3, while working within a limited budget. Deep Silver, a new international game publisher,, sought to establish a significant presence at PAX, a prominent gaming expo. This case study outlines the approach taken to overcome this challenge and highlights the successful collaboration with Storyland Studios, resulting in a memorable booth experience.


To address the challenge of building striking AAA booths on a limited budget, the following approach was undertaken:

  1. Vendor Search: I embarked on a search for a vendor that could help Deep Silver meet their goals of establishing a presence at PAX while staying within the budget scope. Storyland Studios, specializing in building realistic structures using foam and recyclable materials, emerged as the ideal partner for the project.
  2. Design Concept: Drawing inspiration from Deep Silver's titles, I sketched several mockups for the potential the booth structure. The design featured tweet-able photo opportunities, immersive elements such as zombies and crashed vehicles, and concealed two large theaters within the structure. This concept aimed to captivate attendees and create an engaging experience aligned with Deep Silver's brand. The Deep Silver team loved the sketch so much that they had it printed and frame for their German offices.
  3. Collaboration with Storyland Studios: I collaborated closely with Storyland Studios to bring the design concept to life. The use of foam and other recyclable materials allowed for cost-effective construction while maintaining the desired level of realism and visual impact.

Results and Conclusion

These striking AAA booths on a limited budget yielded impressive results. The following outcomes were achieved:

  1. Long-lasting Relationship: The success of the booth design and construction established a strong and enduring relationship between Deep Silver and Storyland Studios. This partnership provided Deep Silver with a reliable and creative vendor for future projects.
  2. Recognition by Complex Magazine: Deep Silver's booths created in collaboration with Storyland Studios gained recognition from Complex magazine. Two of Deep Silver's booths were ranked among the top 15 best booths at PAX, attesting to the impact and quality of the booth experiences.

In conclusion, the challenge of building striking AAA booths within a limited budget was successfully addressed through the collaboration with Storyland Studios. The design concept, inspired by Deep Silver's titles, created a captivating and immersive booth experience at PAX. The collaboration resulted in a long-lasting relationship with Storyland Studios and garnered recognition from Complex magazine. By leveraging creativity, cost-effective materials, and a strong partnership, Deep Silver was able to establish a significant presence and make a lasting impression at PAX.

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