1 Million Pixels/Sec: Projection Mapping at Adobe MAX


Adobe had a desire to strengthen its brand and get people hyped about its pivot to a subscription model. They wanted to create a super engaging experience that would blow the minds of digital creatives, developers, marketers, designers, and influencers. We'll explore the approach I took along with the Kenwood Experience team to make it happen.


To meet the client's expectations and create a memorable experience, the following approach was undertaken:

  1. Understanding the Target Audience: Extensive research was conducted to gain insights into the preferences, interests, and expectations of the target audience, including digital creatives, developers, marketers, designers, and influencers. This helped in crafting a tailored experience that resonated with their needs.
  2. Ideation and Concept Development: A collaborative brainstorming process was employed to generate innovative ideas and concepts for the highly branded experience. This involved cross-functional teams, including designers, event planners, and marketing strategists, working closely to ensure a cohesive and impactful approach.
  3. Opener Creation: A jaw-dropping opener was conceptualized and produced to set the tone for the entire Adobe Max event. This captivating introduction aimed to leave a lasting impression on the audience and build excitement for what was to come. This step took over a year.
  4. Keynote Sessions: Two riveting keynote sessions were developed, featuring influential speakers and showcasing Adobe's latest products and solutions. These sessions were meticulously crafted to inform, inspire, and engage the target audience, highlighting the value proposition and benefits of Adobe's offerings.
  5. Awards Presentation and Campaign: An awards presentation was incorporated into the event, recognizing and celebrating outstanding achievements in the digital creative space. This campaign generated media coverage and exposure for Adobe Max, further enhancing the brand's visibility and reputation.

Results and Conclusion

The efforts to reinforce Adobe's brand and drive product engagement through the highly branded experience yielded significant positive outcomes. The following results were achieved:

  1. Positive Reviews and Social Media Buzz: Numerous individuals posted positive reviews on platforms such as Twitter and YouTube, expressing their excitement and approval of the new product offerings. This organic social media buzz created a ripple effect, generating further interest and engagement.
  2. Webstream Engagement: A significant number of individuals signed up to watch the live webstream of Adobe Max, demonstrating a strong interest in the event and its content. Additionally, on-demand views within the first two weeks indicated sustained engagement and reach.
  3. Enhanced Brand Perception: The highly branded experience successfully reinforced Adobe's position as a leader in digital experiences and innovation. It showcased the company's commitment to empowering digital creatives, developers, marketers, designers, and influencers, leading to a positive shift in brand perception.

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