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The Adobe MAX experience


Design Lead
Art Director


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Adobe leads a culture of exploration and accelerates innovation through digital experiences. Their creative, marketing and document solutions empower everyone. Adobe was looking to reinforce its already strong brand and drive its products to people who needed them. The company's primary focus was to help drive the brand further by targeting digital creative, developers, marketers, designers and influencers. I was asked to help the Adobe team ideate and produce a highly branded experience that would blow the minds of every last one of them.

Talk the talk and walk the walk.

To meet those lofty expectations, I created a jaw-dropping opener, two riveting keynote sessions, an awards presentation - a campaign which ensured media coverage and exposure for Adobe Max. Many people posted positive reviews on Twitter as well as YouTube videos on how the new product would be perfect for the brand. Over 29,000 people signed up and watched the live web stream, and over 46,000 watched on-demand within the first two weeks.