David A.Moore

Bay Area, California

Years in Tech


Current Role

Staff Product Designer ( healthtech ) 


Washington D.C

My name's David Moore, an Art Director/Product designer based in San Francisco, CA. Early in my design journey, there was never a doubt when it came to what I wanted to do in my life...career-wise, that is. I love the challenge of designing interactive experiences. I have been fortunate enough to create these experiences using many mediums for domestic and international brands. Spanning from film, event openers, projection mapping experiences, and of course, digital products.

Design, to me, is much more than an art form; it is a collaborative process of creativity, planning, and psychology that encourages human interaction and alters the mood using design.For me, it's the challenge of creating an engaging experience that will ultimately change the way a viewer feels by merely "looking." My career began by developing projects for agencies as the art director for events such as Adobe MAX, Jiveworld 11-14, Castlight Health, and many others. I was introduced to bleeding-edge technology years before the consumer market. I couldn't have asked for a better start to my career.

This head start gave ease in crafting experiences using new mediums. Ten years of partnering with agencies inspired my move to the tech sector. I wanted to work on projects that genuinely left an impact. This transition landed me at Zoosk, where I help over 41 million members find love through innovative and intuitive design.

I'm a creative that's genuinely passionate about crafting digital experiences that help others.

Being an art director at experiential agencies allowed me to naturally settle into product design with a "big picture first" mindset. This mindset means evaluating a creative ask holistically before moving on to the exploration phase. In addition, my unique career trajectory has allowed me to give back to the community in several enriching ways. Writing articles and being part of the book " My Morning Routine" inspired me to focus on one of my other passions, mentoring.

Mentorship has been a significant part of my career focus for several years, whether organizing internal field trips to Helios Interactive, a local VR studio, or working with CascadeSF
Mentoring the next generation of creatives is a learning experience and exchange of ideas that give me insight from up-and-coming designers with new and different perspectives. Especially the outstanding mentees I've hired for various projects over the years. I feel that design is an act of service that pushes a community forward.