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A year for growth

2017 is all about growth at Zoosk! With that in mind, we set out to begin optimizing experiences within our ecosystem. One of our main focuses was to redesign our Carousel experience. The carousel presented an opportunity to increase user engagement by introducing two new features. Instant Crush and Undo. My role as the design lead on this initiative challenged me with updating the look and feel of the carousel experience. This would better align with current standards and evolve Zoosk as a pioneering brand.


Redesigning Carousel

Since at Zoosk, It has been a primary focus to begin presenting our paywalls more intelligently. I used this Instant Crush initiative as an opportunity to do just that. Originally I designed one paywall to advertise both Instant Crush and Undo. Reviewing the data that came back from our test deploy, I noticed that we could split this paywall to yield better results. This lead to two paywalls that trigger based on which button a user pressed. These new paywalls were accompanied by animated icons designed by yours truly. The results were astounding. Even with those results we also noticed that our design was quite passive. Meaning a user would have to tap two new buttons to be introduced to the new features. Further optimizing this experience I designed two FTUE’s that were triggered the first time a user taps "Yes or No." The increase in users who purchased was instant! This initiative is now our top selling feature and on track to shatter our original goal of 1 million dollars for the year.


User flow prototype for instant crush

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