Lively dating app

Spinning a brand's romance tale in 360°.

David Moore

Zoosk Inc.

Gabe Valdivia


Robbie Tilton


Greg Madison


Telling a 360° love story.

“Lively” is a hot new dating app that goes beyond static images and text. The idea is to help daters get to know each other through short videos rather than sharing still image selfies. This adds new life and authenticity to the normal experience on dating apps and makes it easier to get a closer look at who’s interested. The brand wanted to tell their story in a new and exciting way. I suggested using Virtual reality and the 360 platform as a way to stand out from the crowd and to create brand awareness. A far cry from your typical product focused vision video.


Weaving the tale.

The 360 concept was initially a tough sale. This lead to several rounds of storyboarding and a company-wide field trip to Helios, a local VR production house. Following the approval of the video I worked with the production team “After Party”. We facilitated a casting call over a two day period with over 200 applicants, not including some of my coworkers who were amazing and got involved. This short film was shot throughout San Francisco over the course of a long weekend; it's also one of the first times a brand has used 360 video, to tell a story.


Final actors screen test.

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